Frequently Asked Questions

We get frequent mail and questions related to several domains. That is why our staff decided to accumulate the most frequently asked questions into one platform to answer all the commonly encountered queries.

Where is TSCHUL Industries Located?

TSCHUL is located in Texas, USA with manufacturing in multiple metropolitans across the globe.

Are Samples Provided For Approval?

Yes, samples can be provided with certain costs, Samples are usually prepaid for.

Are Products Customized According to Specific Needs?

Yes, customized products are also catered to as per your requirements, you can simply scroll to our Customization Page to order customized products. For details regarding customization, you can email at

Do you export?

Yes, we provide worldwide export coverage, we have collaborations with the best international logistic partners to insure our product reaches our customers in time worldwide. We export via multiple mediums. Just simply fill up the form at the Shop Page or just drop us an email at